world listening day h2o part 2

mixing in an overlaid way the rural and the urban
rain in July under an umbrella that I use for sun or rain

world listening day h2o

collected during July: the sound of rain in many parts.
in rural and urban settings in Cymru / Wales in July. From under an umbrella, a windowsill upstairs, under a plastic roof. Frequently from under an umbrella. Worth a listen with headphones on...
in Sir Benfro/Pembrokeshire & Y Rhath/Roath


IF time passes


do they know something about time in Japan that we don't know about here?
This seems to allow the possibility of time not passing.


Found text

Take a personal place stick on sticker album or stage.
Choose any kind of adornment you like it and stick on personage.
Re-adhere any kind of accorted item or ornament.
Remove & re-adhere are possible